Need a co-author or editor for a non-fiction book? Do you have questions about agents and whether to self-publish or not?

Are you uncertain how to conduct research for a non-fiction title? Cate specializes in the development of non-fiction books, eBooks, newsletters, articles and screenplays that speak to the global LOHAS demographic (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability).

Self-realization and personal growth, consciousness studies and science, alternative health, sustainable lifestyles, planetary healing—if you write in these genres Cate's broad publishing experience, substantive spiritual understanding and vast knowledge base and contacts in alternative fields helps New Thought communicators maximize their message and get their important transformative information out to the world.
Cate is a talented writer and as an editor she’s a dream to work with. Thoughtful and consistent, she brings my writing to a whole new level without the reader ever knowing she was there.
- Betsy Chasse, co-creator of the film What the Bleep Do We Know!?

As an author/ film producer/ lecturer I have to continuously juggle in different domains and need support that is effective, rapid, thorough and insightful. Cate is incredibly effective at grasping a scope of work that can not only be demanding and intricate, but may also require reformatting, rewriting, contextual re-alignment, etc. And all the while she has the most pleasant, workable and helpful demeanor. Such a disposition is very comforting when the deadline crunch is on! In this field Cate is not only a rarity, but a Godsend.
– E Raymond Brown, creator of GhettoPhysics




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