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Cate Montana

A mind-blowing love story between a gorgeous Greek god and a woman entering a stage in life where such a romance seems impossible, Apollo & Me masterfully exposes the wounds we must heal to reach sacred union and true love. Exhilarating, vastly entertaining, shocking and liberating!

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Cate Montana

Inspirational Author & Speaker

A woman initiated into a rare and deep understanding of humanity and the divine feminine nature, Cate builds bridges between the intellect and the heart—the masculine and the feminine—sharing her insights into the leadership role of women today and what we all—men and women alike—must do to forge a new and better world to come.

Other Books

Finding the Feminine

A deep journey of discovery into the nature of the Divine Feminine by a modern woman raised to think and operate like a man in a man’s world.

What Lies Beyond Ego?

A simple explanation of the nature of the ego and how to expand it beyond the smallness and limitations of human expression, awakening into a transformational life.

Into the Heart of Shamanism

A collaborative book of 15 shamans from lineages around the world telling amazing tales of bringing this ancient healing wisdom into the modern-day world.


Cate will  knock your socks off. She has an uncommon ability to connect with her audiences on emotional and intellectual levels that really helps people have the “aha” necessary to make changes. 

- John Tintera, Senior Sales Mgr., Hay House publishing



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Freedom vs Connection

A couple months ago a dear friend asked me what I thought the deepest desire of men and the deepest desire of women are. And, with a lack of hesitation that actually kind of surprised me, I blurted out, “Men most desire freedom and women most desire connection.” He...

Meaning vs Connection

I read a fellow author’s blog this morning about a tough conversation he and his wife had with a fellow human traveler through this worldly realm, a man who had apparently fallen in a wagon rut emotionally and psychologically, puzzling over whether his life held...

When I . . .

“Don’t wish your life away Kaatee.” It’s what my German grandfather always said when he caught me wishing for some future time to arrive when I would get a new pony or get out of school for the summer or stop seeing zits in the mirror (on my face) or finally get my...