The Heart of the Matter is a book I co-authored with  Dr. Darren Weissman. It explains a simple but powerful technique he developed called the See, Feel, Hear Challenge that enables people to easily gain access to the storehouse of their subconscious core beliefs, cracking the coded messages those beliefs release in the form of disease, suffering, addictions, unhappy relationships and victimized circumstances.

Based in the latest findings in neuroscience and neurocardiology, the book, co-authored by Dr. Darren Weissman and Cate Montana, guides readers to an uncomplicated understanding of the astounding power of our emotions and how life automatically delivers experiences that trigger negative emotional reactions that subconsciously impact us throughout our lives. These emotions form the foundation of core beliefs that create unhealthy attitudes and dis-ease patterns that keep us from experiencing the authentic, satisfying lives we desire.

Using clear examples and true stories from clients, the book demonstrates how we can release these stored emotions and their wisdom via the See, Feel Hear Challenge. It then demonstrates how to use this simple method to evoke emotions that positively impact the quantum field, remolding our bodies, our minds, and our everyday lives into purposeful expressions of inner joy and radiant wellbeing. Whether you’re dealing with addictions, dysfunctional relationships, and illness, or are focused on becoming an Olympic champion, The Heart of the Matter—Gifts in strange wrapping paper, gives you a potent tool for positive change and transformation that you can use for the rest of your life.


This is by far one of the best books on the planet for emotional healing and transformation. Apply these brilliant suggestions and enjoy the benefit of your life changing in beautiful, harmonious and loving ways.   Peggy McColl, New York Times best-selling author of Your Destiny Switch

The Heart of the Matter shares techniques for changing yourself and your life which have proven effective. If you are inspired to create a new self and life, then let your desire, intention and inspiration become guided by the information presented and it will become your life coach. – Bernie Siegel, M.D., best selling author, including A Book of Miracles—Inspiring True Stories of Healing, Gratitude, and Love


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