I conducted an interesting interview with a Medical Qigong teacher in Scotland, today. He forcefully reminded me that “The most difficult thing for people to recognize is that the power of healing lies within them.”
His statement hit me between the eyes, because lately, in between other jobs and tasks, I’ve been busily researching the coronavirus Covid19, looking up homemade hand-sanitizer recipes, buying Tea Tree oil and colloidal silver on Amazon, ramping up my lung-strengthening exercises, and training myself to become conscious of how often I touch my face with my hands, how I enter buildings, the surfaces I handle etc.
Not that these things aren’t important. They are! It’s all about taking personal responsibility for one’s health and taking responsibility for moving consciously through the world—which is a relatively booby-trapped place nowadays, especially for the braindead and the uninformed. (I guess those two go hand-in-hand).
But there are levels of personal responsibility.
The physical stuff is the easy part. What about ensuring that my mind is steady? That my heart is open and at peace? What about my energy? Am I allowing stress to take over? Worry about money? Getting the next job done on time? Pleasing clients? Pleasing partners? Getting the cat to the vet? Paying the vet?
How often do I meditate? How much time do I take for a deep, calming, steadying breath? How awake am I to what’s going on around me? Inside me?
These are BIG questions nowadays and more important than ever.
So take a breath. Take a moment to relax amidst the storm. Feel what your body wants. What your body needs to stay healthy. Mindfulness is not enough. Visualization is not enough. Peace and vibrant health have to ground in the body.
Personally? I just got off the phone with another Qigong practitioner—Master Lisa O’Shea. in. Rochester NY. I was instantly attracted to her Rising Lotus Form of Qigong that she has designed specifically to handle stress and get the body into a deep rhythmic flow, stimulating the circulation of not just Qi, but also the cerebral spinal fluid.
5 Minutes 3 times a day …
Taking another step towards personal responsibility for me.