I’m re-reading Hank Wesselman’s Spiritwalker ­– an accounting of his spirit journeys into the embodiment and life experiences of Nainoa, a future incarnation of Hawaiian descent, 5000 years after the fall of the Great Civilization and the disappearance of an ancient people called the Americans.

I read it some 15 years ago. But the story recently whispered to my unconscious, beckoning me to venture into the Amazon, urging me to click Add to Cart and return to the world he describes.

There is comfort in these pages.

Nainoa, charged by his chief to explore the vast empty reaches of what was once the United States, searches for traces of the fallen civilization as he journeys through a rich wilderness teaming with wildlife. Elephants, tigers and toucans, descendants of escapees from long bygone zoos, wander the cageless forests along with wild boar, deer, bear and turkey. The glistening, pristine rivers team with fish. The air is moist and sweet. A great inland lake covers what was once the fertile agricultural valleys of central California.

He finds no people.

As the year 2019 comes to a close, as one more year of global chaos driven by the insanity of the ego winds down, I find succor in the knowledge that, no matter what, life will sustain. It will blossom without us. The Earth will restore Herself, always, because her consciousness is that of life itself.

Not the dark shadows of the mind.

The reminder that the Earth will survive and thrive brings a smile to my lips and a lightness to my heart. LIFE is the truth of things. It’s all there really is. Anything else is an illusion. An aberration. A twisting of the Truth.

Something we’re very very good at.

It’s hard taking the long view. We humans have short attention spans. Forgetting our spiritual nature, we endure impoverished lives, fixated on work, seeking pleasure in the absence of joy, yearning for gratification and some sort of meaning.

History repeats itself as we refuse to remember and heed the lessons of the past—the Holocausts, the pogroms, the wars, the lies and false promises of entitlement, the predictable methodologies of control. The programs of fear.

Until we lose our courage and moral compass and our fate is sealed.

I have no idea what 2020 will bring, or the decades to come. But life will sustain. And that means I can relax somehow, and put down the sword.

The affirmation that all is well takes no more effort than a glance out my window, or a short walk down my street lined with avocado and lemon trees, the scent of wild jasmine and plumeria clinging lightly to the air.

All is well because that’s LIFE.

So why am I struggling so much? Why am I so worried? The Great Mother clucks a gentle remonstrance, shaking Her verdant head, beckoning me to nestle into Her ample bosom and drink from Her ever-flowing cup.

She is All there Is. She is all that matters.

The rest is sound and fury, signifying nothing.