The moment is perfect. You are safe and secure, surrounded by the comfort and beauty you have created. All is well … all is MORE than well.

You are satisfied—deeply fulfilled in the moment—the time and place and situation you find yourself in … and all of it has come from YOU.

Look around. Breathe it in.

Soak in every detail. Bask in what you have created. WOW!

Yes, all of life conspired to bring this moment into existence. But YOU were the central figure in the play. You were the writer and director and set designer setting everything in motion with the movement of your DESIRE upon the waters . . . and life responded.

Look around. Breathe it in.

Feel it in your bones. In your gut. In your loins.

You seeded the field. Now it is time to bathe in the glory moment of creation: Appreciation. Acknowledgement. Satisfaction.

And God found it good.

This is the harvest—the mana you feed yourself to fuel the next creation.