I wasn’t liberated at all

I thought I was, but then a shocking encounter with an Amazonian shaman showed me I wasn’t liberated at all — at least not to be an outrageous, full-blown woman. Instead, society had liberated me to be a female whose validity came from acting like a man. He totally rocked my world!

After that conversation I set off on what would be an 11-year journey that would take me into the camps of Ayahuasceros deep in the Amazon River jungles of Peru and high into the Andes of Ecuador, into temples of the long-forgotten Goddess in southern India … into a deep psychic dive into my body, mind, heart, and the multidimensional realms of the unconscious … all to discover EVERYTHING that I was as a woman and set Her free.

And this journey of discovery isn’t over yet!


Raw and real, yet also heartwarming and at turns hilarious, Unearthing Venus is a 21st century heroine’s journey. I couldn’t put it down and didn’t want it to end!   

      – Kathleen McGowan NYT best-selling author, The Expected One